Dadar Gulung (coconut pancake)


Dadar gulung is one of many traditional snacks in Indonesia. Easy to make and always served in family or neighborhood gathering.


For the skin:

– 150gr Flour
– 1 egg
– 250ml coconut milk
– Salt
– Green color for food (originally it supposed to be Suji leaf)
– Margarine to spread on pan

For the filling:
– 150 gr fresh grated coconut (if you buy the instant dry one, cook it with little bit coconut milk first)
– 100gr Java dark brown sugar
– 100ml water
– Salt


For the skin:

Mix all the ingredients except margarine into smooth batter. Spread thiny margarine into 20cm pan and make pancake with 2 tbs batter. No need to turn around the pancake.

For the filling:

Mix all ingredients, cook in low heat. Constantly stirred for around 5 minute the mixture is dry.


Put around 2 teaspoon filling on the pancake and wrap it.

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